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Abean Yoni Care

"Basket of Strawberries"

"Basket of Strawberries"

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This "Basket Of Strawberries" will definitely make your vagina SWEET AND WET. You will receive two soaps and a wash all in one bundle that balances PH, destroys and prevents BV, kills odor, rids of bad bacteria, prevents sweating, promotes wetness, creates a fruit like taste to your "juices" and overall leaves you sweet and juicy with a fresh, fruit tasting vagina that has a perfectly balanced PH and sweat proof!

ingredients (strawberry soap) - Strawberry essential oil, algae, arbutin, papain, amino acids, sodium hyaluronate oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E.

Ingredients (strawberry yoni wash) Purslane, angelica, grapefruit, strawberry wormwood leaf, gardenia essential oil, mint, olive leaf, amino acid, borneol

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