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Abean Yoni Care

"Basket Of Peaches"

"Basket Of Peaches"

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This "Basket Of Peaches" will definitely make your yoni smelling and feeling FRESH. you will receive two soaps and a wash all in one bundle that balances PH, destroys and prevents BV, kills odor, rids of bad bacteria, prevents sweating, promotes wetness, creates a fruit like taste to your "juices" and overall leaves you sweet and juicy with a fresh, fruit tasting vagina that has a perfectly balanced PH and sweat proof!

Ingredients (peach soap) - Peach essential oil, algae, arbutin, papain, amino acids, sodium hyaluronate oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E.

Ingredients (peach yoni wash) - Purslane, angelica, grapefruit, peach wormwood leaf, gardenia essential oil, mint, olive leaf, amino acid, borneol

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